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    We are a non-profit organization building connections and developing people in the Yokosuka Community

    • The Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies (YCAPS) promotes the study of strategic, diplomatic, and legal issues affecting the Asia-Pacific Region.
    • Capitalizing on Yokosuka City's unique pool of global expertise and rich maritime heritage, YCAPS builds networks between individuals, promotes dialogue, provides world-class educational opportunities, and enables professional mentorship.
    • All discussions are held in personal capacity of the participants and all the activities are off-the-record in nature. Comments made by members are non-attributable and made in the spirit of education and conceptual exchange. All of the views expressed are personal and, more specifically, no comments or discussions presented during our meetings reflect any official government policy.
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    YCAPS wants you!

    We are a rapidly growing group taking aim at big

    issues impacting the Asia-Pacific Region


    If you'd like to join an event just RSVP and turn up. If you aren't sure and want more information, then drop us a line. We bring together a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences to help us explore common challenges. Our members include students, young professionals, leaders at the top of their careers and retired experts. Our programs are designed to help everyone develop while building bridges between Yokosuka's thought communities.

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    We always have interesting events planned

    The Future of Japan's Security Relationships: Insight from the NDPG and MTDP

    YCAPS-ACCJ Panel Seminar, Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 18:30 - 21:00.
    ACCJ Tokyo Office, Boardroom

    ** This event is currently at capacity. RSVPs will be added to a waiting list.

    YCAPS is partnering with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) to deliver an executive-level experience the ACCJ's Tokyo boardroom. Not only will participants engage with a top-flight panel of experts, but they will have the opportunity to socialize with the leaders of the American business community during the pre-seminar reception. The panelists will reflect on the contents of Japan's recently published National Defense Program Guidelines (NDPG) and Mid-Term Defense Plan (MTDP) to discuss the expected future of Japan's security relationships with the full range of partners including the United States, the Quad (Australia, India Japan & the U.S), European partners, other nations, Japanese corporations, and industrial players operating in the international market. Arrive anytime during the reception for a bite of food and a chance to mingle.


    Start the evening by anytime during the 6300 PM - 7:15 PM reception that will feature snacks, free flow drinks, and excellent conversation. Find seats at 7:15 PM for this YCAPS-ACCJ panel discussion.

    This normally costs non-ACCJ members 6,800 yen. Those who RSVP via YCAPS will be able to attend for the reduced price of 3,400 yen. In addition, we will be able to completely subsidize up to 12 members. To apply for the subsidy include with your RSVP email up to 4 sentences explaining your relationship to YCAPS and how your attendance will support the YCAPS mission. YCAPS will coordinate transportation from Yokosuka for those who request.



    Noriyuki Nakano, Senior Defense Policy Coordinator in the Defense Policy Division of the Defense Policy Bureau.

    -- Mr. Nakano is the primary deputy to the Director of Defense Policy Division and played a key role in the creation of the NDPG and MTDP. He is an expert with regards to Japan's program to begin operating SVOTL aircraft from Izumo-class DDH destroyers.

    Mark Riley, Chief, Mutual Defense Assistance Office, Tokyo.
    -- Colonel Riley has several decades of experience serving the U.S. Department of Defense in strategic leadership positions in East Asia and the Middle East.

    Yoshizaki Tomonori, Director of Policy Simulation, National Institute of Defense Studies.
    -- Prof. Yoshizaki is a renowned expert in the areas of Alliance Management, European Security and NATO, Japan's Peace Operations, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding.
    Andrew Collier, Director of Business Development in Japan for Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems.
    -- Mr. Collier is a former U.S. Naval Officer with operational experience with the U.S. Seventh Fleet, Security Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy Tokyo from 2010-2014 and was the Japan Policy Director at the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

    Takao “Jay” Inamura, Manager, Electronic Systems, Defense and Aerospace, Ship & Aerospace Division, Mitsubishi Corporation
    -- Mr. Inamura has worked at Mitsubishi Corporation for nearly 20 years where his portfolio has included Patriot, Aegis, Aegis Ashore and now all Lockheed Rotary & Mission Systems and Missiles & Fire Control products (THAAD, Patriot, Aegis, Sikorsky Helicopters, etc.)

    Tuan Pham, Executive Committee member, YCAPS.
    -- Captain Pham is widely published in national security affairs and international relations

    Tom O'Sullivan, Founder and Managing Director, Mathyos Global Advisory
    -- Mr. O'Sullivan has more than twenty years experience working in senior roles in large global organizations in Asia- Pacific where he has specialized in the areas of energy, defense, infrastructure, and finance. He will chair the panel.

    Seto Sea Young Mariner Leadership Voyage​

    YCAPS-International Sail & Power Association Japan (ISPA) Program
    Thursday, 2 May 2019 at 07:00 – Monday, 6 May 2019 at 22:00

    YCAPS is currently recruiting young mariners (ages 15-25, younger with a waiver) and adult leadership facilitators (sailing experience preferred, but not required) for a 2-6 May 2019 voyage through Japan's beautiful Seto Inland Sea onboard the tall ship Miraie. The underway program will be focused on developing cross-cultural leadership among an international cadre of young mariners. Instruction will be given in both English and Japanese.

    Read ISPA Japan's infosheets about this event in English or Japanese. Email the Yokosuka Young Mariners Program for more information or to register your interest with this online form.


    The program is open to all. If demand for spots exceeds capacity of the Miraie applicants will be judged on their commitment to the program and potential to make future contributions to YCAPS' mission. Please spread the word by sharing this information with others.

    Scholarships will be available, so please do not let the cost be a deterrent. If someone is interested in possibly sailing, we ask them to register their interest and work with the YCAPS executive committee on the specifics.


    We are currently recruiting young mariners (ages 15-25, younger with a waiver) and adult leadership facilitators (sailing experience preferred, but not required) for a 2-6 May 2019 voyage through Japan's beautiful Seto Inland Sea onboard the tall ship Miraie . Scholarships will be available.



    Have a look at our Facebook site to learn more about past YCAPS events.

  • Professional Development Programs

    YCAPS is committed to supporting the personal and professional development of our members

    Network Building

    Meet People with Shared Interests and Common Ambitions

    YCAPS events are organized on the principal that who you meet is as important as what you learn. Therefore seminars and professional development experiences typically include a social portion where members can interact on a personal level with the world-class facilitators as well as the other participants. The events have proven to be fantastic opportunities to find mentors and develop peer-to-peer support networks.

    YCAPS members at an important security conference

    Fellowships, Scholarships, and Conferences

    YCAPS has formal and informal relationships with many organizations that sponsor a wide range of professional development programs. These include university scholarships, fellowships, internships, travel grants, and conferences. If some cases, YCAPS members have opportunities for priority placement in these programs. In other cases, YCAPS volunteers are available to advise on placement and coach applications. Download the guide or contact us for more information.

    YCAPS Afloat

    Supporting U.S. Navy Sailors at sea and their commands

    YCAPS Afloat directly supports U.S. miltary personnel in their efforts to expand their regional knowledge and strategic thinking while deployed and during port visits throughout the Indo-Pacific. Working in alignment with commands’ leadership and/or Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) programs, YCAPS Afloat provides information and other resources or, when there are sufficient interested personnel, establishes a YCAPS chapter on board specific ships. If you are interested in receiving resources or establishing a YCAPS Afloat chapter, send us an email.

    Yokosuka Young Mariners

    Develop Leadership and Explore the Region Under Sail

    YCAPS partners with the International Sail & Power Association Japan (ISPA) to provide opportunities for members of our community to develop leadership skills, learn environmental stewardship, and connect with Yokosuka's maritime heritage through sailing expeditions. See our events section for upcoming journeys.

    Writers' Circle

    Become a YCAPS writer

    The YCAPS Writers' Circle is a peer-to-peer network that supports professional writing throughout the process from idea to publication. Some of our members are professional editors or experienced authors who have published many books and articles. Others are aspiring to see their first piece in print. If you would like to get involved to get some advice regarding outlets and audiences, receive feedback on a draft manuscript, or to help others on their writing projects, email the Writers' Circle. We'll find you partners that suit your needs!

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  • Our Partners

    YCAPS partners with other organizations to deliver world-class programming

    YCAPS has an active partnership with the Japan-U.S. Military Program (JUMP) based on our common objectives and shared values. The most tangible manifestation of this partnership is the YCAPS-JUMP Seminar & Professional Development Program Series which provides opportunities for members of the U.S. military community in Yokosuka to develop professional networks with strategic thinkers from across Greater Tokyo and learn from world-class experts.

    YCAPS and TUJ's Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS) both serve as centers of gravity for professional development and advanced thinking on issues related to Asian politics, society, and economics. Because our regular event venues are about 90 minutes from each other, we share some audience members while serving different core communities. YCAPS and ICAS take advantage of this situation to regularly co-sponsor events.

    The International Sail & Power Association Japan is a non-profit organization that promotes enjoyment in boating by providing safe and efficient boat training, raises global awareness through sail training, and provides leadership training in the maritime environment. ISPA Japan and YCAPS share an understanding of Yokosuka as an essential maritime hub and commitment to developing professionals. The organizations specifically collaborate to provide opportunities through the Yokosuka Young Mariners Program.

  • Executive Committee

    Elected volunteers who keep YCAPS on track and moving forward

    John Bradford


    Joseph Le


    Justin Boyd


    Aaron Nowlin



    Michael Yuichi Takigawa

    Yokosuka City and JMSDF Relations



    Alli Krug

    American Community Relations, Youth Engagement &

    Senior Editor of Writers' Circle



    Leo Lin

    Research Affairs and Partnership Activities



    Stacy Lin

    Public Promotion



    Thomas Lattanzio

    Washington D.C. Actitivities

    Tuan Pham

    Past Treasurer

    Special Advisors

    Provide Expertise and Support to the Executive Committee

    Mr. Michael Macarthur Bosack

    Special Advisor for Government Affairs


    Dr. Annette Bradford

    Special Advisor for Education & Policy


    Dr. Nancy Snow

    Special Advisor for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy


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