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    We are a non-profit organization building connections and developing people in the Yokosuka Community

    Our Charter

    • The Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies (YCAPS) promotes the study of strategic, diplomatic, and legal issues affecting the Asia-Pacific Region.
    • Capitalizing on Yokosuka City's unique pool of global expertise and rich maritime heritage, YCAPS builds networks between individuals, promotes dialogue, provides world-class educational opportunities, and enables professional mentorship.
    • All discussions are held in personal capacity of the participants and all the activities are off-the-record in nature. Comments made by members are non-attributable and made in the spirit of education and conceptual exchange. All of the views expressed are personal and, more specifically, no comments or discussions presented during our meetings reflect any official government policy.
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    We are a rapidly growing group taking aim at big

    issues impacting the Asia-Pacific Region


    If you'd like to join an event just RSVP and turn up. If you aren't sure and want more information, then drop us a line. We bring together a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences to help us explore common challenges. Our members include students, young professionals, leaders at the top of their careers and retired experts. Our programs are designed to help everyone develop while building bridges between Yokosuka's thought communities.

  • Blue-Eyed Samurai Series

    Celebrate the 400th Annivesary of William Adams' contributions at our Blue-Eyed Samurai events.

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    Tickets are available now for the Blue-Eyed Samurai Sail.

    Blue-Eyed Samurai Sail -- May 23-24
    Sail across Sagami Bay aboard the schooner Miraie on a voyage from William Adams' fief in Yokosuka to Ito, the Izu Peninsula resort town where Adams launched the Shogun's fleet.

    Let waves rock you to sleep as you spend the night in bunks aboard the ship. Optional activities include lectures on Adams and martime security, mast-climbing, navigation training and an on-deck BBQ.

    Ashore in Ito, we'll end with a visit to the location of Adams' shipyard.

    On sale until April 15. All sales are final.
    *After purchase, fill out our registration form at https://forms.gle/y5Cf4hgpzHDE1Quv8
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  • Upcoming Events

    We always have interesting events planned

    YCAPS-JUMP event


    Date & Time: Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020 -- 12:00-26--:00
    Meeting location: Keitokuchin Restaurant
    190番地 Yamashitacho, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0023

    google map


    Join YCAPS members to enjoy an authentic Chinese lunch, learn about Yokohama and Chinese communities in Japan, and experience the Lunar Year Festival in Chinatown.

    Meet at the restaurant Keitokuchin to dine on an authentic Chinese (Sichuan) meal and discuss relevant issues with two experts.

    Professor Kyle Cleveland will give a short talk on the history of Yokohama. Read Prof Cleveland's bio Join your fellow YCAPS members to enjoy an authentic Chinese lunch, learn about Yokohama, and experience the Lunar Year Festival in Chinatown.

    Meet at the restaurant Keitokuchin to dine on an authentic Chinese (Sichuan) meal and learn about Yokohama during two brief presentations.

    Professor Kyle Cleveland will give a short talk on the history of Yokohama. Read Prof Cleveland's bio here.

    Professor Nathaniel Smith will speak to the experiences of Chinese ethnic minorities in urban Japan and the emergence of new Chinatowns. Read Prof Smith's bio here.

    After lunch, walk 1 min to Yamashita-cho Park to experience the Spring Festival Traditional Performances that will include a lion dance, a dragon dance, songs, harp performance, and acrobatics. From there continue to enjoy Chinatown on your own.

    Cost: 1,000 JPY/per person. Pay in cash at event.

    RSVP: To info@YCAPS.org. 10 members max. First-come first-served

    YCAPS-ICAS Open Seminar


    Date & Time: Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020 -- 19:00-21:00
    Location: The Parliament (1F), Temple University Japan Campus

    1 Chome-14-20 Taishido, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0004

    The killing of Iran's General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq on Jan. 3rd has precipitated what some are describing as the most serious high-risk tensions since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Japan, China, and other East Asian countries are the largest customers for Middle East oil and gas. Iran's President Rouhani visited Japan in late December and Prime Minister Abe travelled to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Oman in January underlining the strong political and commercial ties between Japan and the region. Tokyo has committed to send additional Self Defense Forces to the region, and already started the deployment. Russia and China have also recently conducted joint naval exercises with Iran in the Indian Ocean. Our panel of experts will examine and discuss the implications for East Asia of these developments from geopolitical, energy security, military, and commercial perspectives.

    About the speakers
    Kazuto Suzuki is Vice Dean and Professor of International Politics, Public Policy School, Hokkaido University. He graduated from the Department of International Relations of Ritsumekan University and received his Ph. D. from Sussex European Institute, University of Sussex. He served as an expert on the Panel of Experts for the Iranian Sanctions Committee under the UN Security Council from 2013 to 2015. He has served as president of the Japan Association of International Security and Trade.

    Christopher Lamont is Associate Professor of International Relations at the Institute for International Strategy in Tokyo International University. He holds a Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Glasgow (2008) and M.Sc. in International and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh (2005) and a B.A. in International Studies from the University of Mississippi. Previously, Dr. Lamont was Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Groningen (2011-2018) and prior to that he was an R.C.U.K. postdoctoral fellow in the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster (2009-2011). He has also recently conducted fieldwork in Iraq, and in 2017 he was a guest lecturer at Imam Ja'afar al Sadiq University in Sawamah.

    Tom O’Sullivan is founder and managing director of Mathyos Global Advisory. He has several decades of experience in energy and security policy.

    Moderator: Masaki Kakizaki is Associate Professor, Temple University, Japan Campus. He is a political scientist who teaches courses on Middle East politics, foreign governments, and international politics at Temple University, Japan Campus. He also offers a capstone seminar on social movements and contentious politics at TUJ. Prior to joining TUJ in 2013, he held teaching positions at the University of Utah and Westminster College in the United States.

    The panelists will be speaking in their personal capacity.


    RSVP to info@YCAPS.org is encouraged, but not required.

    YCAPS@Yokota Seminar -- Step Up: Overcoming Cross-Cultural Differences in Japan

    YCAPS-JUMP Open Seminar at Yokota

    Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 -- 18:00-20:00

    Room #4 Fussa Citizen's Hall (福生市民会館)
    〒197-0011 Tōkyō-to, Fussa-shi, Fussa, 2455

    Leland Gaskins' new book is a simple story that contains practical solutions to help recognize and overcome common cross-cultural problems. It brings a multi-disciplinary approach to address real-world issues to enable people to succeed in globally connected careers. Mr. Gaskins will reflect on his experience working in the Japanese business community and on the process involved with developing this book to talk about applicable lessons that can be taken away for those engaged in intercultural relationships beyond the business sector


    Reading the book is not necessary, but those who want to do so can buy it here.


    About the Speaker: 

    Leland Gaskins has lived and worked in Japan for more than twenty years. For ten of these years he served as principal Investment Representative in Asia for the State of North Carolina. In that role, he worked with numerous Japanese companies, assisting with their investments in U.S. operations. Prior to that, Leland was Senior Vice-President, Asia-Pacific, at Cognitive Arts Corporation, an industry leader in building high-impact experiential educational programs for universities, corporations and government. In this role, he focused primarily on workforce learning and development priorities at major Japanese companies and Japanese subsidiaries of Western firms.

    Leland has observed and discussed cross-cultural issues for many years. He long ago came to two conclusions. First, that most cross-cultural conflict between Japanese and Western businesspeople is essentially the same few problems being repeated again and again. Second, that most of the cross-cultural training people have received has not been effective and there must be a better way. This has led him to focus in recent years on developing a deeper understanding of culture, cross-cultural conflict, and conflict resolution. Step Up brings together this research with his years of experience, his interest in innovative learning methods, and his desire to offer a better solution.

    Leland lives in Tokyo with his wife, Carolyn. When not obsessing over these current projects, he can often be found exploring rural Japan by bicycle.

    The venue is an easy walk to Fussa Station or Yokota Airbase. Free parking is available.

    Co-sponsored by the Japan-US Military Program (JUMP)

    RSVP to info@YCAPS.org is encouraged, but not required.

    The Blue-Eyed Samurai: William Adams and the Tokugawa Shogunate

    YCAPS-JUMP Open Seminar. Blue-Eyed Samurai Series

    Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020

    17:30-18:30 Welcome reception

    18:30- 20:30 Seminar

    Werk Yokosuka Kinrofukushi Hall

    Join YCAPS on Tuesday, Feb. 18 at the Blue-Eyed Samurai Series kick-off event: A lecture on the life and legacy of William Adams, the man who served as the inspiration behind James Clavell’s popular novel and subsequent TV miniseries, Shogun. Learn about the storied Englishman who gained the respect of Japan's great Tokugawa Shogunate and hear about his contributions to shipbuilding and international trade.

    Known as the “blue-eyed samurai," Adams was a British navigator and shipbuilder with the Dutch East India Company when his ship arrived in tatters on Japanese shores in 1600. He proved his worth to Shogun Ieyasu as a diplomat instrumental in opening trade relationships for Japan. In recognition of his value, Adams was given the new name of "Miura Anjin" to signify the fiefdom bestowed to him in Miura, now the Hemi area of Yokosuka. May 16, 2020, marks the 400th anniversary of his death, and commorative events are planned across Japan


    Click here for more information about this event and the Blue-Eyed Samurai Series.


    About the speaker

    Mike Perrin is a National Defense Academy lecturer, YCAPS member and a scholar of Japanese maritime affairs. Besides his research into Japanese and Pacific nautical archaeology, Mike Perrin has been examining Japan’s post-medieval maritime interaction with Europe at the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology since 2014.


    RSVP to info@YCAPS.org is encouraged, but not required.

    Blue-Eyed Samurai Hike

    YCAPS Blue-Eyed Samurai Series

    Wednesday, March 25 -- 10:00-14:00

    Yokosuka, Japan

    Join YCAPS on a hike to William Adams' burial monument from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 25. While Adams was buried in Nagasaki, his son Joseph built this structure to remember his father in Yokosuka. Walk through cozy neighborhoods and up a hill to Tsukayama Park, known for its cherry blossoms and cascading views of Yokosuka and the sea. This will be the second event in the Blue-Eyed Samurai Series commemorating the British sailor-turned-samurai who helped open Japan’s trade to the West.


    Atop the hill, enjoy your own packed lunch under beautiful cherry blossoms and take in cascading views of Yokosuka and the sea. The day is currently forecast as peak blossom day in Yokosuka. We will visit Adams' monument and family temple to earn more about the life of William Adams and his lasting legacy in Japan.


    We will meet in front of the Yokosuka Naval Base main gate at 10 a.m., make a quick stop at a bakery, and travel by train to Anjinzuka Station, from which we will hike about 1.5 km uphill to Tsukayama Park. If you would rather meet us at Anjinzuka Station, arrive at 10:45 a.m. with your lunch. Please send an email to info@ycaps.org if selecting this option so we know to know to look for you.

    We will walk down together arriving at Hemi Station before 2 p.m. Yokosuka-chuo station is 5 min away by train.


    For the full itinerary, click on the Blue-Eyed Samurai Hike button here.


    RSVP/Cost: Free of charge, but bring money for lunch and a train pass (PASMO/Suica). RSVP by email to info@ycaps.org.

    Young Yokosuka x Yokosuka Mariners

    May 2-6, 2020

    From Hiroshima to Kobe

    YCAPS is once again teaming up with the International Sail & Power Association (ISPA) Japan to launch a Young Mariners Leadership Sailing Expedition. From May 2-6, 2020, the Young Mariners will sail the ship Miraie from Hiroshima to Kobe!

    This expeditionary leadership development program is currently recruiting 25 young people aged 15-25 who would like to discover their leadership abilities while learning to sail this historic three-masted schooner (tall ship) with a group of international teammates and facilitators! Last year's inaugural expedition was an experience of a lifetime for the participants and we expect the roster to fill quickly. Focus areas will include sailing skills, teamwork, intercultural leadership, environmental stewardship, and international affairs.

    Please register your interest and get more details here. 

    You can also email the Yokosuka Mariners Program. Those registering their interest will get individualized details and consultation.

    The program is open to all. If demand for spots exceeds the capacity of the Miraie, applicants will be judged on their commitment to the program and potential to make future contributions to YCAPS' mission. Please spread the word by sharing this information with others. Bilingual Japanese-English facilitators will be onboard.

    The cost of participation is JPY100,000. This includes room and board throughout the voyage. Participants are also required to fund their own travel to and from the ports of embarkation and debarkation. YCAPS leadership is actively seeking external funding to provide scholarships. Those who are interested, but worry the cost is too high for their situation, are encouraged to register and explain their situation. We want to find a way to include all!

    Blue-Eyed Samurai Sail

    YCAPS Blue-Eyed Samurai Series

    May 23-24, 2020

    From Yokosuka to Ito

    In our capstone event of the Blue-Eyed Samurai Series, sail across Sagami Bay from Yokosuka to Ito, Japan aboard the three-masted schooner Miraie.


    The overnight voyage commemorates the 400th anniversary of Adams' death. Embark in Yokosuka and engage with experts on the life of the "blue-eyed samurai" while experiencing Japan in the way Sailors have for centuries.


    Participants can join a lecture on the life of Adams in given in English or Japanese. Those who want more hands-on activities can climb the mast, hoist sails and learn navigation using charts, sextants and modern tools. In the evening, enjoy BBQ on-deck and take in the beautiful night sky.


    We will land in Ito in the early afternoon and visit the location where Adams launched ships for the shogun.


    Return from Ito will be the participants' own responsibility. Trains depart Ito station regularly, taking about 75-120 min to arrive in Yokohama. Depending on class of service, tickets are JPY1700-3200.


    Click here for more information.


    Cost: $320 USD

    Tickets available here.


    After purchasing tickets, please fill out our registration form here.

    Email questions to SamuraiSail@YCAPS.org.



    Have a look at our blog or Facebook events site to learn more about past YCAPS events.

  • Professional Development Programs

    YCAPS is committed to supporting the personal and professional development of our members

    Network Building

    Meet People with Shared Interests and Common Ambitions

    YCAPS events are organized on the principal that who you meet is as important as what you learn. Therefore seminars and professional development experiences typically include a social portion where members can interact on a personal level with the world-class facilitators as well as the other participants. The events have proven to be fantastic opportunities to find mentors and develop peer-to-peer support networks.

    Open Seminar Series

    Learn from World-class Experts in a Relaxed Setting

    YCAPS open seminars feature leading experts who come from around the world to share their perspectives with our participants. Open to the public, these seminars are specifically designed to be applicable to all levels of expertise, from curious students to professionals working in that field. The setting is community-oriented relaxed, accessible and professional.

    Yokosuka Mariners

    Develop Leadership and Explore the Region Under Sail

    YCAPS partners with the International Sail & Power Association Japan (ISPA) to provide opportunities for members of our community to develop leadership skills, learn environmental stewardship, and connect with Yokosuka's maritime heritage through sailing expeditions and shore-based camps. Stars & Stripes newspaper reported on, our biggest Yokosuka Mariners event to date, the inaugural YCAPS-ISPA Japan's leadership development voyage in the Seto Inland Sea in this article and one of the young leaders created this photo essay. Our next event will be a 2-6 May 2020 international leadership development expedition from Hiroshima to Kobe. For more information, review this information pack, register here or email the Yokosuka Mariners Program.

    Blue-eyed Samurai Series

    Samurai Series x Yokosuka Mariners

    Educational lectures, hiking and sailing events February to May, 2020.

    YCAPS is commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of English adventurer-turned-samurai William Adams with a series of lectures, events and adventures this spring. Learn more about this series in our Blue-Eyed Samurai Series section.


    Register your interest or ask questions via email to SamuraiSail@YCAPS.org

    YCAPS Roundtables

    Informed Small-group Dinner Discussions

    YCAPS members gather in small groups to discuss timely topics in a lively social atmosphere. Each roundtable is facilitated by a specialist who provides read-ahead materials to enable those attending to dive right into the discussion even before the food arrives. Invitations are shared with YCAPS members and those on our email list.

    YCAPS Afloat

    Supporting U.S. Navy Sailors at sea and their commands

    YCAPS Afloat directly supports U.S. miltary personnel in their efforts to expand their regional knowledge and strategic thinking while deployed and during port visits throughout the Indo-Pacific. Working in alignment with commands’ leadership and/or Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) programs, YCAPS Afloat provides information and other resources or, when there are sufficient interested personnel, establishes a YCAPS chapter on board specific ships. If you are interested in receiving resources or establishing a YCAPS Afloat chapter, please send us an email get in touch.

    YCAPS members at an important security conference

    Young Yokosuka

    Building Lasting Relationships among the Next Generation of U.S.-Japan Alliance Ambassadors

    The YCAPS Young Yokosuka program creates opportunities for individuals in their teens and early 20s to establish international friendships, develop intercultural leadership skills, and learn about issues impacting their community. The event series involves a mix of social and educational opportunities such trips to community festivals, bowling nights, leadership workshops, speed-cubing competitions, tours and lectures tailored to interests of Young Yokosuka participants.

    YCAPS members at an important security conference

    Fellowships, Scholarships, and Conferences

    YCAPS has formal and informal relationships with many organizations that sponsor a wide range of professional development programs. These include university scholarships, fellowships, internships, travel grants, and conferences. If some cases, YCAPS members have opportunities for priority placement in these programs. In other cases, YCAPS volunteers are available to advise on placement and coach applications. Download the guide or contact us for more information.

    Writers' Circle

    Become a YCAPS writer

    The YCAPS Writers' Circle is a peer-to-peer network that supports professional writing throughout the process from idea to publication. Some of our members are professional editors or experienced authors who have published many books and articles. Others are aspiring to see their first piece in print. If you would like to get involved to get some advice regarding outlets and audiences, receive feedback on a draft manuscript, or to help others on their writing projects, email the Writers' Circle. We'll find you partners that suit your needs!

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    YCAPS partners with other organizations to deliver world-class programming

    YCAPS has an active partnership with the Japan-U.S. Military Program (JUMP) based on our common objectives and shared values. The most tangible manifestation of this partnership is the YCAPS-JUMP Seminar & Professional Development Program Series which provides opportunities for members of the U.S. military community in Yokosuka to develop professional networks with strategic thinkers from across Greater Tokyo and learn from world-class experts.

    YCAPS and TUJ's Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS) both serve as centers of gravity for professional development and advanced thinking on issues related to Asian politics, society, and economics. Because our regular event venues are about 90 minutes from each other, we share some audience members while serving different core communities. YCAPS and ICAS take advantage of this situation to regularly co-sponsor events.

    The International Sail & Power Association Japan is a non-profit organization that promotes enjoyment in boating by providing safe and efficient boat training, raises global awareness through sail training, and provides leadership training in the maritime environment. ISPA Japan and YCAPS share an understanding of Yokosuka as an essential maritime hub and commitment to developing globbprofessionals. The organizations specifically collaborate to provide opportunities through the Yokosuka Young Mariners Program.

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