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Negotiate: A Primer for Practitioners

YCAPS publishes its second reference book.

YCAPS is pleased to share its second reference publication, Negotiate: A Primer for Practitioners. Published in conjunction with the Parley Policy Initiative, this book explains the process, practices, and tactics for ensuring success in a negotiation. Designed principally for diplomats, alliance managers, and other government practitioners, it is also a useful resource for international relations scholars, policy researchers, and students of negotiation.

The primer may be downloaded for free here, or a hardcover edition may be purchased from third parties vendors listed bellow. All proceeds from the sales of the hard copy will benefit YCAPS programming.

This primer was written by YCAPS Special Advisor Michael Bosack as a service to all intergovernmental negotiators in hopes of fostering cooperation and mitigating conflict throughout the world.

Buy your hardcopies:,, Barnes & Noble.