• Yoko Iwama: Deterrence for Japan and Stability in Asia

    09:30-11:00 - 18 February 2022 (Tokyo); 19:30-21:00(D.C) 17 February 2022

    YCAPS Community Conversation

    Japan has spent its post WWII years refusing to face the outside world in a strategic sense. Although in possession of relatively large armed forces, until now it has concentrated on an "exclusively defense-oriented policy" even after abandoning the "basic defense force concept." But now, faced with very concrete security threats in its vicinity, Japan is trying to change its strategic thinking. Yoko Iwama will discuss the main challenges facing Japan and how that fits into the larger regional and global stability landscape.


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    Dr. Yoko Iwama is Professor of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). She graduated from Kyoto University and earned her PhD in Law at the University. Having served as Special Assistant of the Japanese Embassy in Germany (1998–2000), and Associate Professor at GRIPS (2000), she was appointed Professor at GRIPS in 2009. Her specialty is international security and European diplomatic history centering on NATO, Germany, and nuclear strategy. She has served on numerous government committees including the Council on Reconstruction of a Legal Basis for Security (2006-7, 2013-14). Her publications include Joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty: Deterrence, Non-Proliferation and the American Alliance, ed. with John Baylis (Routledge 2018); The 1968 Global Nuclear Order and West Germany (Yuhikaku in Japanese, 2021); and "Thinking about Deterrence for Japan and Stability in Asia," (PHP, 2021; https://thinktank.php.co.jp/voice/7127/ ). She is currently working on a co-authored book on the origins and evolution of the NATO Nuclear Sharing and Nuclear Arrangements (in Japanese) as well as a co-authored book on the Neutrals and the NPT (in English).


    Moderator: Robert Dujarric, Co-Director of Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS)

    Webinar Cost: Free of Charge

    Co-Sponsor: Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS)

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