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Russell Hsiao of Global Taiwan Institute Lead Open Seminar on PRC Political Pressure  

Russell Hsiao, J.D., the Executive Director of Global Taiwan Institute (GTI), led an extremely informative and enlightening discussion about the nature and extent of People’s Republic of China (PRC) efforts to assert power in what he described as a “pressure wave” of influence exerted through political, economic, diplomatic, technological and military means. The focus of tonight’s presentation to an engaged audience provided detailed evidence of these activities and offered an opportunity for members to pose questions. Distinguished attendees from the Japanese military and business communities included ADM Ota, (others?), as well as American military officers, foreign policy graduate students, technologists, and a high school student interested in strategy.

One of the collateral benefits of bringing together intellectuals, academics and military officers with extensive experience abroad is the opportunity to engage in dialogue and networking prior to and after the seminar. Attendees enjoyed pizza, sushi, wings and beverages while interacting with those who have lived in Taiwan and could directly speak to the importance of collaborations on a variety of fronts, from technological to political. These collaborations build mutual capacity and resilience among the people of Taiwan, especially the youth. Mr. Hsiao underscored the importance of the student resistance seen recently in Hong Kong and the likelihood that this resistance may fortify the resolve of the people of Taiwan. Audience members raised questions about the durability of relations with the US and potential future collaborations, especially in the cybersecurity arena where Taiwanese technologists have enjoyed some successes.