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YCAPS Hosts Tokyo International University Students in Yokosuka

YCAPS had the opportunity to host students in Prof Jeff Ordanial's course on Maritime Security & Safety in the Indo-Pacific during their visit to Yokosuka. The students, who hailed from more than a dozen different nations, were able to experience first-hand Yokosuka maritime heritage and engage with experts to discuss contemporary maritime security issues.

The students were met onboard the museum ship Mikasa by Captain Greg Kouta, JSMDF (retired) would gave them an enthusiastic talk on the history of Mikasa and the central role she played in shaping twentieth century Japan. The then had an opportunity to tour the ship, before engaging in a seminar on contemporary maritime security led by YCAPS President, John Bradford. Before board their bus for the return to their campus several were pleased by the opportunity to enjoy some great gelato at Yokosuka's Port Market.

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