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YCAPS Members refresh skills during BBQ Cruise in Tokyo Bay

10 YCAPS members joined other members of the community, including experienced sailors and business professionals who support the sailing community, by stepping aboard tall ship MIRAIE for a evening cruise cruise. Included in the cadre were five of the YCAPS-ISPAJ Young Mariners who in May 2019 complete inter-cultural leadership while sailing MIRAIE through the Seto Inlad Sea.

The night began with an orientation to the ship and training in hauling the lines to raise the sails. At 6pm, interested participants were invited to put on harnesses and climb out on the bowsprit. This was followed by a delicious BBQ on the main deck against the backdrop of the Kawasaki skyline with Mt. Fuji emerging for sunset. The Young Mariners, who have experience sailing the tall ship, were invited to climb the rat lines once again to haul in the sails and tie them up with the MIRAIE crew. This reunion cruise was a tremendous experience to reunite aboard MIRAIE and appreciate the accomplishments of the inaugural Golden Week youth leadership voyage during which 18 young adults learned to independently man the sails and navigate through one of Japan's most beautiful waterways.

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YCAPS has a strong partnership with MIRAIE and looks forward to announcing future events. We will post them here, so stay tuned!