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Event Summary: The Royal Navy’s Strategic Actions to Implement the UK’s Tilt to the Indo-Pacific

On August 18th, 2021, over 90 participants attended the webinar “The Royal Navy’s Strategic Actionsto Implement the UK’s Tilt to the Indo-Pacific”, offered by Dr. Alessio Patalano, a Senior Lecturer in War Studiesin the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. Dr. Patalano discussed his views on the strategic underpinnings of this tilt, the achievements of the multinational Queen Elizabeth Strike Group deployment, and the prospects of the Royal Navy’sambition to posture for persistent engagement in the region.   

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Patalano provided insights on various points such as ways in which UK strategy is likely to change, possible changes in the UK navy’s role, and the focus and approach of the Tilt. Following his remarks, the event expanded discussions on the topic through questions on factors or aims of the Tilt that can be assessed to determine success, and the sustainability of operations in the Indo-Pacific by the UK. Such discussions seen in the highly interactive Q&A session showed how this topic as a whole will continue to be a relevant issue globally.  

By Sema Gelegen for YCAPS