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Event Summary: Defenders of Japan: The Post-Imperial Armed Forces 1946-2016

 On July 27th YCAPS Co-Sponsored an event with the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies and the Center for Rule-Making Strategies. Dr. Garren Mulloy (Daito Bunka University) discussed his new book “Defenders of Japan: The Post-Imperial Armed Forces 1946-2016.” Dr. Mulloy began by explaining his inspiration for writing the book before answering some questions from host Robert Dujarric, such as how “good” the JSDF are in terms of both combat capabilities and, often more importantly for Japan, disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Afterwards, the talk transitioned into an open Q&A and Dr. Mulloy answered many questions such as what areas the JSDF have been proactive in, e.g., pivoting away from UN Peacekeeping operations in favor of developing regional partnerships, to practical weaknesses of the JSDF, most notably communications technology, recruitment, and infantry training. In addition to all the information Dr. Mulloy was able to share in this talk and of course his book, he pointed out that there is a lot still to see as the JSDF may play a large role in Japan’s overall strategy in the Free and Open Indo-Pacific.  

                                          By Michael Okamoto for YCAPS