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Event Summary: Space Policy Trends in the Indo-Pacific

On August 23rd, 2021, Dr. Malcolm Davis of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute joined YCAPS Director for Policy Research, Stephen Nagy, for a discussion on space policy trends in the Indo-Pacific. Dr. Davis’ research focuses on defence strategy and capability development, military technology, and the future of warfare.

Throughout the discussion and Q&A session, which drew over fifty attendees, Dr. Davis compared Space 1.0 and Space 2.0, where space research and policy is led by governments and the private sector, respectively. In recent years, the private sector has been advancing space technology at a faster pace than government-led programs, and this has opened space to a larger number of actors, while also raising new regulatory questions. The discussion also covered the idea of space as an operational domain in its own right, and the need for diplomatic resolutions that match the speed of technological and geopolitical developments, particularly in the Indo-Pacific. 

By Caroline Morita for YCAPS