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"America Is Back"? U.S. Foreign Policy in the Joe Biden Era

Over 100 participants attended “America is Back?”, a webinar hosted by YCAPS-ICAS on February 17, 2021. Stanford University lecturer Daniel Sneider and Rafael Jacob, a fellow at the Raoul Dandurand Chair of Strategic and Diplomatic Studies, shared their analysis on the Biden administration’s policy priorities, particularly in relation to Asia. The event was moderated by Benoit Hardy-Chartrand, Adjunct Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at Temple University Japan.

The webinar began by addressing the central question as to whether President Biden will focus more on domestic or foreign policy. After providing personal views, the speakers mentioned that the Biden administrations’ demonstration of international engagement and foreign policy could benefit U.S. domestic politics. Following the prepared remarks, the Q&A session addressed numerous questions about China, on topics such as trade, Taiwan, 5G technology, academic censorship, and cooperation on climate change. The robust and lively Q&A demonstrated the eagerness with which many are looking to the United States’ new approach to China and the broader Asia Pacific region.

By Caroline Morita at Waseda University