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YCAPS Tours Japanese National Diet & Meets with Senior Lawmaker Ishiba Shigeru

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YCAPS members enjoyed a rare insiders view of the Japanese National Diet and had the opportunity to meet with Representative Ishiba Shigeru.

The event began with a social lunch and briefing on the Japanese Diet and legislative process by Japanese politics specialist Michael Bosack.Michael Bosack is a Ph.D. Candidate at the International University of Japan's Graduate School of International Relations. Previously, he was the Deputy Chief of Government Relations at Headquarters, U.S. Forces, Japan, where he was part of the team that drafted and implemented the 2015 Guidelines for U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation. He also served as a Mansfield Fellow assigned as a Diet staff member.

The group then proceeded to Japan’s National Diet Building where the group to enjoy a private tour led by a professional Diet staff member. The event also include a small group discussion on international affairs with experts working in the Diet building. The final event of the day was a special opportunity for a private question and answer period with senior lawmaker Ishiba Shigeru. Representative Ishiba is a former Defense Minister and contemporary faction leader. You can read his official profile here.

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