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YCAPS Members Tour the Admiral Togo Shrine and learn about Suikokai

On Saturday, November 4, members of YCAPS ventured to Tokyo for a tour of the Togo Shrine and the Suikokai Club, arranged by Captain Keizo Kitagawa of the JMSDF. The shrine and club are located on quiet, wooded grounds only minutes from the Meiji Jingu in downtown Harajuku.

Togo Shrine enshrines the spirit of Admiral Heihachiro Togo, generally recognized as one of the world’s greatest admirals. Admiral Togo (1847-1934) was made famous for his successes during the Russo-Japanese War. He later served as Admiral of the Fleet, as well as the president of the school charged with educating the crown prince, who would later become Japan’s Showa Emperor.

YCAPS members toured the shrine, learning of Togo’s life and accomplishments, and also witnesses several wedding processions being held that day. Following the tour, YCAPS members walked to the nearby Suikokai Club where they received a more detailed briefing on Admiral Togo and the history of Togo Shrine, given by Mr. Haruo Adachi, Executive Director of Togokai.

Following lunch, Rear Admiral (ret) Anzai, Managing Director of Suikokai, gave a brief on the history and activities of the organization. Suikokai is a public foundation that was established in the post-war period with the goals of supporting veterans of the former Imperial Japanese Navy, current and retired JMSDF members, and their families. It also seeks to further research on maritime practice and policy, as well as hand down Japanese maritime traditions.

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