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YCAPS Researchers Present at the International Studies Association

By Giorgi Mamisashvili

Researchers affiliated with YCAPS attended and presented at the International StudiesAssociation conference held in San Francisco last week.
Ryan Ashley (Research Fellow - Japan/Southeast Asia Relations) chaired a panel on
“Lateral Thinking: Tri- and Mini-Laterals in the Indo-Pacific”, where he also presented
“Yen-Backed Security: Japan, Southeast Asia, and Asia’s Quiet Security Realignment” – a
paper that drew upon his recently completed Ph.D. at the University of Texas

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Scott Edwards (Free and Open Indo-Pacific Fellow) presented on two panels, with papers on “Practices of trusting in multilateral climate negotiations” and “Trusting as normal? Adjusting ASEAN’s diplomatic practices in response to COVID-19”. Ryan and Scott will be collaborating in the future based on discussions at the conference.

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Kei Koga – who has previously written for YCAPS projects – also attended, presenting on“Alignments in a Multiple Balance of Power: Japan, Technology Coalitions, and Rule-making”
and “Securing Regional Order in Southeast Asia: ASEAN, Regional Autonomy, and Great
Power Competition”. Sam Baron (Research Fellow – Policy Research) made the trip up to
San Francisco from Los Angeles to discuss ongoing projects with attendees from both inside
and outside of YCAPS, including the newly announced “Indo-Pacific Maritime GENIE
(Governance Expanded Network for Innovation and Education)”
with various participants
from partners La Trobe also in attendance of ISA