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YCAPS is Pleased to Announce the Winners of its Recent Maritime Governance Innovation Contest

YCAPS is pleased to announce the winners of its recent maritime governance

innovation contest. Dozens of participants provided short videos pitching their idea.

The three most promising innovators have been invited to join a major regional

maritime conference in Jakarta where they present their ideas at a large-scale public

event. These winners are:

  • Jada Frasier – Japan Should Join the Malaysia-Philippines-Indonesia Trilateral Cooperative Agreement
  • I Gusti Bagus Dharma Agastia – A Joint Maritime Forum
  • Alex Min – Maritime Domain Reporting Software


Two other excellent submissions were identified and those innovators will also attend

the conference.

  • Scott Edwards – Curriculum co-design for circular cooperation.
  • William Yale – Maritime Reporting Software Platform.


These winning videos and other submissions will be available via the following social

media platforms: