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YCAPS-JUMP Panel Discussion: Regional Perspectives on the 2020 US Presidential Elections

Over one hundred people joined a conversation of ”Regional Perspectives on the 2020 US Presidential Elections” hosted by the Yokosuka Council on Asia-Pacific Studies (YCAPS), Japan-US Military Program (JUMP) and Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS) on 15 Oct in Asia/14 Oct in the US. Prof Rebecca Strating (La Trobe University), Prof Toshihiro Nakayama (Keio University), Nicholas Fang (Singapore Institute of International Affairs) and Prof. J.J. Suh (International Christian University) shared their views and engaged in lively discussion driven by participants’ questions. The active audience kept the moderator, YCAPS Director for Policy Studies Dr. Stephen Nagy, engaged throughout the nearly two-hour session. The panel generally agreed that domestic political divisions within the United States have eroded its regional leadership but expressed hope in Americans who have historically demonstrated ability to renew and rejuvenate. Speakers felt that no matter who was elected, in the post -election period the domestic situation in the US, including social polarization and the degree of real economic damage associated with Covid-19 will be serious constraints on the US limiting its abilities to invest resources into the region.