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YCAPS Hosted Its First Indo Pacific Maritime Hour with Dr. Quentin Hanich

On 13 October 2020, YCAPS organised its first Indo Pacific Maritime Hour with Dr. Quentin Hanich, who shared his thoughts on the findings from the study jointly produced by the Global Fishing Watch, Japan's Fisheries and Research Education Centre , and the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resource and Security. Moderated by Dr. Asyura Salleh, the conversation engaged over 40 participants from a variety of institutions such as the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and US Coast Guard. Dr. Hanich began his 15-minute talk discussing the methodology that used four different satellite technologies to collect data for the study. From the data sets, it became evident that large numbers of Chinese fishing fleets in the East China Sea were fishing Japanese flying squid species at a massive scale. This pushed vulnerable North Korean fishing vessels further out to sea, exposing them to the harsh winds and waves which battered these vessels that were later found on Japan's shores. The discussion then moved towards the impact of illegal fishing on neighbouring countries, as participants contributed factors that encouraged such behaviour and debated the role that extra-regional partners can play in alleviating this problem. The small but specialised group of participants provided an enlightening conversation which shed light on this overlooked issue which deserves more attention.