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YCAPS-JUMP-ICAS Webinar: The Invention of China and its Implications for Chinese Nationalism under Xi Jinping

"The Invention of China and its implications for Chinese Nationalism under Xi Jinping," was a YCAPS Community Conversation webinar, co-sponsored by the Japan-US Military Program (JUMP) and the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS), on Wednesday, February 3rd. It was moderated by Dr. Stephen Nagy, YCAPS Director of Policy Research. The audience welcomed author Bill Hayton to discuss his new book which explores historical notions of "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Dr. Hayton shared his findings from the past several centuries of Chinese history and the pivotal episodes and encounters that led to today’s current situation. He showed that the conceptualization of modern China and influence of the Communist Party stem from historical roots that pervade the mentality of the Chinese nation and its people. As such, many of the conflicts surrounding territorial disputes and international law arise from unresolved sentiments towards the recent past. Questions were explored with the audience comparing Chinese and Western ideas of sovereignty as well as the underlying motivations that drive today's CCP leaders.

By Kelly Langley, Director at Langley Esquire