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In Memory of Sam Bateman:

A Call for Collaborators


Towards Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region: Policy, Governance & Security


Call for Collaborators

Towards Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region: Policy, Governance & Security

A Project in Tribute to Commodore Sam Bateman

The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) and Australian National Center for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS) are pleased to announce a new collaborative research project Towards Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region: Policy, Governance & Security. The aim of the project is to serve as a tribute to the work of the recently departed Commodore Sam Bateman (PhD) by advancing the many lines of research that he cared so deeply about. These include maritime and ocean policy, ocean governance, law of the sea, maritime safety and security, and regional maritime affairs.

This project will consist of two workshops, one major research conference, and an edited volume. We have begun recruiting collaborators to author chapters based on original research and novel analysis. We hope to involve a wide range of serious maritime thinkers to include younger researchers, serving military and coast guard officers, and representatives of the commercial maritime sector.

Project Timeline:

  • Kickoff Workshop. 8/9 March 2021

The kickoff workshop will be the first step toward building the collaborative team that will deliver this project. The project leaders will outline the project and timelines as well as request feedback regarding the projects’ its aims, organizing principles and outcomes. It will also serve as a forum for potential collaborators to share their ideas regarding potential research topics for group feedback. The workshop will be an online/virtual event and is designed for participants to join one of the two sessions which are designed to accommodate a broad spread of time zones to aid participation in the project from around the world. Participation in the kickoff workshop is not required for all project participants, but it is highly encouraged. The workshop is expected to last about 2 hours, but the exact timing will depend on the number of registrations. To register for the workshop please follow the link session that better suit your schedule.

               Session 1 (registration link) - time: 8 Mar 15:00 Honolulu/8 Mar20:00 Washington DC/9 Mar 09:00 Singapore/9 Mar 12:00 Sydney/9 Mar 13:00 Suva. Event will last 2-3 hours depending on number of participants.

               Session 2 ( registration link) - time: 9 Mar 09:00 London/9 Mar 14:30 New Delhi/9 Mar 17:00 Singapore/9 Mar 20:00 Sydney/9 Mar 21:00 Suva. Event will last 2-3 hours depending on number of participants.

  • Submission of chapter proposals. 18 March 2021

Scholars and practitioners wishing to contribute to the conference and edited volume should send a proposal consisting of a title and abstract or outline of 1-2 pages to The project leads will provide feedback regarding each submission and then receive acceptance decisions.

  • Submission of chapters. 01 Sept 2021

All participants will be required to submit completed drafts of their chapters by 01 Sept 2021.

  • Research Conference. TBD Sept/Oct 2021

A 2-3 day conference involving project participants, prominent researchers and policy officials. Chapter authors will present their findings as an academic paper for discussion and feedback. The project leads are planning for this conference to be an in-person event with chapter authors being funded by RSIS to travel to Singapore. However, final decisions regarding the location and associated modalities will not be made until after we have a better understanding of the trajectories of the Covid-19 pandemic and the appropriate public health precautions. We can foresee this being a virtual or hybrid event.

  • Project Finalization Workshop. TBD Nov 2021

A project workshop will assemble the chapter authors so that can discuss and make final decisions regarding the most important project findings, the optimum chapter order, and plan for book assembly tasks such as copyediting and indexing.

  • Book Publication. Early 2022.

The project leads are currently working with potential publishers, but are co