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YCAPS-JUMP-ICAS Webinar Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century

YCAPS kicked off its 2021 activities on January 13th with over 80 participants convening online to discuss Sebastian Strangio’s new book, In The Dragon’s Shadow.  The Community Conversation Series’ webinar was co-sponsored by YCAPS, JUMP, and ICAS, and moderated by Dr. Stephen Nagy, the Director of Policy Research for YCAPS.


After a brief introduction and review of upcoming YCAPS events, Sebastian provided a 45-minute presentation reviewing the research that went into his book. Drawing on prolonged exposure to Southeast Asia, Mr. Strangio was able to share a detailed analysis of multiple countries and their views towards the US-PRC great power competition. He explored the delicate balance, viewpoints, and intricacies of relationships with the PRC’s economic, military, and political influence. Following his informative prepared remarks, the YCAPS community had an opportunity to ask Sebastian questions for about 45 minutes. The question and answer session addressed a wide range of topics, including Japan’s role in counter-balancing China’s ambitious investments in Vietnam, the intricacies involved with the development of the Mekong River Patrols and the pros and cons related to Western nations policy focus on human rights violations.

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