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Mongolia Connect Meets Fundraising Goal Resumes Collection of Clothes

The YCAPS Mongolia Connect program is super excited to share a huge thank you to the CFAY and international communities for helping the team reach the fundraising goal! Having met our goals we will start collecting donations clothes and other items again!

Some points to consider when donating:

-Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is the coldest capital in the world, ranging from single digits to -40. Please prioritize cold weather clothing first if you have a lot to donate. We want to get the shelters the critical items first.

-The most useful items are winter clothes, shoes/boots, hats, gloves, blankets, school supplies, small toys, socks, etc. Used clothes are very much appreciated so long as serviceable. Only undergarmets and socks need to be new.

- Please email if you have any questions or want to arrange a pick up time/location! We can meet you on or off base.

-We are supporting multiple shelters that are at full capacity because so many Mongolians have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Most of these shelters have substantial numbers of women and children. While we welcome men's clothing, we really want to prioritize clothing for women and children.

-While we have met the goal for the fundraiser, we will happily accept donations of money to continue helping us cover the shipping costs associated. If this is something you can help with, please check out this link:

-The picture below is from the July flashfloods, in which thousands of families lost their homes and have yet to recover. This is what really started the Mongolia Connect Project.

Thank you so much! The community is really coming together to support this cause.