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YCAPS Facilitates Maritime Capacity Building in Singapore

YCAPS facilitated two maritime security capacity building activities in Singapore on the 7th and 8th of August. Titled ‘Deep Dive on Maritime Analysis’, the first session was held at the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) and the second at Singapore’s Maritime Crisis Centre (SMCC). The event was led by Dr. Ian Ralby, YCAPS Senior Fellow for Maritime Governance, who was invited following his engagement at the Regional Maritime Security Practitioner Programme (RMPP) event held on the 17th - 21st of July.

Dr. Ralby’s sessions focused on four areas of critical importance for regional maritime domain awareness: concepts underpinning effective maritime domain awareness; indicators of potential illicit activity; regional trends in transnational organized crime; and a focus in on terrorism including the crime-terror nexus and exploring different ways terrorists exploit the maritime domain.

Dr. Ralby's insights were delivered first to an audience of International Liaison Officers at the IFC and then to an audience of multi-agency stakeholders working within the SMCC. An ongoing community of practice including these audiences has been established to assist in enhancing the work of both the IFC and SMCC. Such objectives fall under YCAPS’ ongoing research project ‘Best Practices for Maritime Security Capacity-Building Activities’, which is gathering, assessing, and documenting best practices for Indo-Pacific maritime security capacity-building across multiple organizations. Towards this aim, the event was also observed by YCAPS Free & Open Indo-Pacific Fellow Dr. Scott Edwards and Director (Southeast Asia Regional Programs) Charlie Brown.

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