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Row-a-thon Meets Goal:

Sending 166 Wheelchairs to Mongolia

Mongolia Connect extends its warmest appreciation to the YCAPS community and donors who helped us achieve our goal! We held our Row-A-Thon on 29 July, and it met with fantastic community support and engagement. We raised the necessary funds, had over 50 people come out to row throughout the 24 hours, and had over 65 people and organization donate. Without letting the row machine stop, we reached over 413 km.

The money raised will cover the shipping cost for 166 wheelchairs to be sent from Wheelchairs for Kids in Perth, Australia. The shipment is expected to leave in October and take 50-60 days to arrive in Ulaanbaatar where it will be received by our partners and the chair will be distributed to the children in need. We’ll happily provide updates to you and the YCAPS community throughout the initiative.

More informaition about the project is here:

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