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YCAPS completes new project with Blue Security: ‘Coordinating for Maritime Security’

Blue Security has released a new report -‘Coordinating for Maritime Security: Southeast Asia’s Evolving Institutions’ - developed in partnership YCAPS (download the report here). With YCAPS Free & Open Indo-Pacific Fellow Scott Edwards as the study's principal investigator, the report also features YCAPS’ Innovation Video Contest winner I Gusti Bagus Dharma Agastia, as
well as Kasira Cheeppensook and Amparo Pamela Fabe. A release event was also
held featuring all of the authors as part of the YCAPS Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour. This are recording of this online seminar can be view on Youtube.

The report fills a crucial gap in theanalysis of regional maritime security governance by focusing in on the institutions responsible for domestic coordination – specifically Indonesia’s
Maritime Security Agency (BAKAMLA), Thailand’s Maritime Enforcement Command Centre (MECC) and the Philippines’ National Coast Watch Centre (NCWC). It finds that each structure differs significantly in that they are grounded in different regulatory bases, have different degrees of independence from existing agencies, or have reached different degrees of institutionalisation. Despite overall variation, the findings highlight that they face common
challenges to their legitimacy, authority, and problem-solving potential.


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