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Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue on AI Cooperation and the prospects for collaboration between Australia, Japan, and the United States

Dr. Adam Bartley spoke to an online audience for a webinar which was part of the YCAPS-JICUF Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue series.

By William Winberg

YCAPS was pleased to invite Dr. Adam Bartley to be the featured at our most recent Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue. His presentation focused on the prospects for AI collaboration among Australia, Japan, and the United States. He outlined policy and technology strategies to bridge AI gaps for enhanced cooperation. This session gave policymakers, scholars, and enthusiasts a great chance to gain valuable insights into the complex dynamics of AI cooperation among countries such as Japan, the US, and Australia, and its growing significance.

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During the session, Dr. Bartley also engaged with the audience by taking numerous questions from the public, fostering an interactive and enlightening discussion. This allowed attendees to delve deeper into the subject matter and explore specific aspects of AI collaboration and policy strategies, further enhancing the session's value.