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The Myanmar Coup: Making Sense of Chaos


On March 03, 2021, nearly 90 participants attended the YCAPS-JUMP Community Conversation Webinar on “The Myanmar Coup: Making Sense of Chaos”, moderated by Stephen Nagy, Director for Policy Studies YCAPS. Amara Thiha, Research Director at Myanmar Institute for Peace and Security, gave an overview of the situation from the ground level. Gwen Robinson is editor-at-large of Nikkei Asia, and is senior fellow at the Institute of Security and International Studies at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, noted the social media presence of protesters, and ASEAN statements in support of the military. She touched on the Junta’s lack of compromise, the possibility of an exodus of COVID-infected refugees into Thailand if nothing changes, and inconsistent UN support. Romain Caillaud, a risk and reputation management consultant active in Japan and SE Asia, detailed concerns to investors, local and international businesses, and foreign investors.

Following the presentation, the webinar continued with a Q&A session where participants asked questions about short and long-term ramifications, the military, refugees, China’s role, and economic uncertainty.


Patricia Yarrow at YCAPS