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RADM Fred Kacher Joins YCAPS'

Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour

On 2 Dec 2020, YCAPS was pleased to Rear Admiral Fred Kacher for an online conversation as part of the Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour series. Admiral Kacher is the senior U.S. Navy surface warfare officer in the 7th Fleet area of operations and commander of the 7th Fleet’s amphibious forces and the America Expeditionary Strike Group. The Task Force under his command also include the 7th Fleet’s mine countermeasure forces and littoral combat ships. Admiral Kacher set the scene by describing the highlights of his force’s activities in the last year to include the patrols of USS America, major exercises such as Cobra Gold and Keen Sword, and operation in the South China Sea. YCAPS members joining from around the world ask him a broad range of questions. These launched discussions related to the operation of F-35B aircraft from America, the challenges associated with training and maintenance, the future employment of littoral combat ships, and optimizing the U.S. Navy’s command and control structures throughout the Indo-Pacific. YCAPS appreciates Admiral Kacher’s time and looks forward to providing similar world class content in its upcoming events. YCAPS delivered this event together with our partners at the Japan-US Military Program (JUMP)