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Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue on India's Role in the Indo-Pacific

Dr. Premesha Saha spoke at Temple University Japan. The event was part of the YCAPS-JICUF Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue series.

By William Winberg

In the most recent YCAPS Indo-Pacific Dialogue held at Temple University’s Japan campus, attended by over 30 audience members, Dr. Premesha Saha delved into India's evolving role in the Indo-Pacific region, addressing key questions and shedding light on India's perspectives and policies. The discussion centered around India's view of the Indo-Pacific with a particular focus on its engagements in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Oceania.

Dr. Saha emphasized India's strategic importance in the region and its commitment to fostering stronger ties with countries in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Oceania. Highlighting the Act East policy as a primary driver and how India is perceived by nations in the region, recognizing the varying perspectives and the potential for collaboration with key partners like Japan and Australia. By leveraging partnerships and aligning interests, there is a palpable opportunity for India to emerge as a pivotal player in Southeast Asia and the broader Indo-Pacific region.

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During the session, the audience actively engaged with thought-provoking questions, sparking further discussion on topics such as India's bilateral relationships, the role of multilateral forums, and potential areas for collaboration with other key players in the Indo-Pacific.