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YCAPS Intern to start work at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

YCAPS is delighted to announce that Thomas Murphy, who served as an Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue program intern, has accepted a new position as an External Affairs Associate at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. This role offers him the chance to contribute to U.S.-Japan relations and further his understanding of international affairs in the Indo-Pacific region. He will begin this new chapter in his career in May of this year.

At YCAPS, Thomas was the program lead for the Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue series. His work involved managing various aspects of the program and engaging with policy experts and community members on important topics.

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Currently, Thomas is in his final semester at the International Christian University in Tokyo, where he is completing his Master of Arts degree in International Relations. His academic journey has provided him with a strong foundation in international studies and equipped him with the skills to excel in his new role.

Thomas looks forward to the exciting opportunities this position will bring and appreciates all the support from his community.

We, at YCAPS are extremely grateful for Thomas’ hard work and dedication to our organization. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him. We wish Thomas continued success in his new role.