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Europe's East Asia Political and Security Goals: Ambitions and Prospects

On 16 March, 2021, over 75 participants attended the YCAPS & ICAS webinar, “Europe's East Asia Political and Security Goals: Ambitions and Prospects”, moderated by Benoit Hardy-Chartrand, Adjunct Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Temple University, Japan. After brief introductions, Valérie Niquet opened the session by outlining issues regarding the UK and France on a united front against China.

Following Niquet’s remarks, Brad Glosserman addressed US concerns regarding the UK, Europe, as well as their domestic and foreign policy issues. After these comments, Narushige Michishita took a critical look at US military spending compared to that of other countries. Robert Dujarric finished the prepared remarks by discussing some of the obstacles that Japan faces in these areas. During the Q&A session, the two experts and two discussants engaged in an animated and thoughtful discussion on the various shifts of balance within the military, economic, and contiguous zones of the Indo-Pacific region 

Patricia Yarrow for YCAPS