• Youth Cultures in Post-Bubble Japan:

    From Rebellious Schoolgirls to Reclusive Men

    Getting to Know Japan Webinar (via Zoom) -- 2000 (JST) 8 July 2021


    How have young people navigated their lives in the so-called "lost decades" in post-bubble Japan, against the backdrop of a rapidly ageing society? In this lecture, Professor Sachiko Horiguchi will provide an overview of changing youth cultures since the 1990s, and will highlight how representations of gendered subcultures- from rebellious kogal high school girls to reclusive otaku & hikikomori men- symbolize both the stagnation and transformation that Japan has experienced in the last three decades.


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    This event is a part of YCAPS' "Getting to Know Japan Series" co-sponsored by The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.


    Sachiko Horiguchi is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Temple University, Japan Campus. Her research interests lie in the social and medical anthropology of Japan, with a particular focus on youth mental health issues, education, and emerging multiculturalism in contemporary Japan. Her recent publications include “’Unhappy” and Isolated Youth in the Midst of Social Change: Representations and Subjective Experiences of Hikikomori in Contemporary Japan” in Barbara Holthus and Wolfram Manzenreiter (eds) Life Course, Happiness and Well Being in Japan. Routledge (2017).


    Format: This event will be off-the-record. Questions are encouraged. It will not be recorded.

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    Moderator: Michael Okamoto

    Webinar Cost: Free of charge

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