• Historical Walking Tour in the Ueno-Yanaka Area (Meiji Restoration Theme)

    YCAPS Field Trip -- 9:00 to 16:00~17:00 (JST) 03 July 2022

    A beach in Kamakura shortly before sunset.

    Professional guide Mr. Yutaka Ito (main guide) and Ms. Shino Negishi (assistant guide) will lead YCAPS members on a tour of lesser known historic and cultural locations in the Ueno Park and Yanaka areas.


    The itinerary for the day is as follows:



    • 9:00 meet in front of Shinobazuguchi Exit, Ueno Station
    • Kuromon Gate (Ueno War 1868)
    • Saigo Takamori Statue and tomb of Shogitai Tokugawa samurai
    • Kiyomizu Kannondo Temple (built in imitation of Kyomizudera Temple, Kyoto)
    • Ueno Toshogu Shinto Shrine (time permitting)
    • President/General Ulysses S. Grant Monument (visited in 1879)
    • Kaneiji Temple (previous temple grounds are now Ueno Park)
    • Tomb of Tokugawa Yoshinobu (the last Shogun)
    • Free time, lunch and shopping in the popular Yanaka Ginza district


    • 13:30 meet at Yanaka Ginza shopping district gate
    • Kyohouji Temple (famous Ueno War bullet holes in gate)
    • Tennouji Temple (pretty and historic)
    • Cherry tree lined streets in Yanaka Cemetery
    • Tsuiji-Bei (famous tile wall)
    • Zenshoan Temple (Yamaoka Tesshu grave)
    • 16:00~17:00 walk ends at Nippori Station (or Yanaka Area)


    *The above details are subject to change depending on weather conditions, etc.


    Participants should be prepared for approximately 6 hours of level, urban walking. Break opportunities may be limited to convenience store visits and a few public toilets. Please bring your own drinks, snacks, a hat, cool neck scarf, etc. The July weather in Tokyo can be extremely hot and humid, so please take this into consideration as you plan. The group size will be limited so please RSVP early. (Please indicate any special requirements.)


    Format: In-person walking tour

    Registration: Please confirm your spot via info@ycaps.org

    Cost: No cost. Please be advised that unfavorable weather may result in a change in itinerary and added costs (train from Ueno Station to Nippori Station - 140 yen and/or a visit to the Asakura-choso-kan Museum - 500 yen entrance fee).
    Host: Yutaka Ito