• "Hakkodasan"

    When the Mountains Defeated the Japanese Army

    YCAPS-SPF Community Conversation (Misawa In-Person)

    14 December 2022 – 17:30-20:15 (Japan)


    YCAPS & the Sasakawa Peace Foundation are pleased to announce the next event in the Community Conversations seminar series focused on the Misawa Community! This event will feature Satoshi Miyata(Director) and Robert Jefferson (Narrator) of the 2014 documentary film "Mount Hakkoda".


    In 1902, 210 soldiers of the 5th Infantry Regiment of the Japanese Imperial Army set out on a 12 mile winter march around Hakkodasan to Tashiro Hot Spring. This is not an arduous mountain route. It should have been an easy approach to the hot spring at Tashiro. However, at a mere altitude of around 2,000 feet the 5th regiment met with a disaster that claimed the lives of 199 men. The location of this disaster is only 35 miles from Misawa. A number of factors combined to bring about the Hakkoda disaster. Typhoon-like low pressure systems, a local climate zone prone to low temperatures and fierce blizzards: all of these elements combined as cogs in the wheels of fate.


    But can we simply say they were unlucky? What happened in Hakkodasan? What was the real cause of this disaster?



    • 17:30-18:30 Refreshments & Networking (food & drinks)
    • 18:30-20:00 Presentation and Q&A




    Misawa International Center


    Sonosawa-230-1 Misawa, Aomori 033-0022

    〒033-0022 青森県三沢市三沢園沢230-1


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    *IMPORTANT* This event will be an In-Person Seminar. Please note that during the seminar, all attendees, presenters and staff are required to wear a face mask due to health and safety policies. *During the socializing time before the lecture begins, masks may be removed while eating and drinking but we request that when you are not eating and drinking, please keep your face mask on. Additionally please refrain from attending if you have Flu-like symptoms. All attendees will be asked to sign in for the purposes of contact tracing. Thank you for keeping this event safe for everyone.




    Satoshi Miyata is the Director of the film 'Mount Hakkoda'. Mr. Miyata is currently producing films and writing screenplays at the FIVE NETWORK since 1995. An experienced filmmaker, Mr. Miyata was also a former cameraman at NHK TV for over 15 years.


    Ryan Drees was a voice actor for the film 'Mount Hakkoda'. He was born and grew up in northern Minnesota. Mr. Drees has lived in Japan for almost 30 years and works as an actor and narrator/voice actor.

    Format: This event will be off-the-record.

    Registration: None required
    Moderators: Jeff Mazziotta

    Co-Sponsor: Sasakawa Peace Foundation
    Seminar Cost: Free of charge

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