• Japan's Defense Diplomacy and Its Way Forward with the New National Security Strategy

    SPF Community Conversation Series 22 February, 17:30 (Fussa)

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    After the end of Cold War, Japan has slowly expanded its security cooperation with countries other than the United States. Over the years, MOD/SDF have seen the benefits of using their assets to advance its strategic objectives, and the recent National Security Strategy has stressed the needs to advance such engagements abroad. This lecture glances at the general trends and characteristics of Japan's defense diplomacy and looks closely at the recent National Security Strategy to understand the future orientations and issues of Japan's defense diplomacy.


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    Ippeita Nishida is a Senior Research Fellow of the International Peace and Security Department at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF). In this position, he conducts research on Japan’s foreign engagement policies and tools, in particular, foreign aid and security cooperation (defense diplomacy).


    He is a co-editor/author of the very first book on defense diplomacy in Japan (“bouei gaiko to ha nanika”, 2021) as well as the policy proposal “Strengthening Japan’s Defense Diplomacy” (2022). He also contributes articles such as “Revising the Development Cooperation Charter: Issues in Linking ODA and Security” (2022) and produces co-author reports such as "The Ripple Effect: AUKUS and the Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific" (2022). Currently, he serves as an expert panel member of the “Development Assistance Accountability Committee” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and he teaches at the Hosei University as an adjunct lecturer.


    Prior to joining SPF in October 2016, he held the position of research fellow at the Tokyo Foundation where he worked on several key policy research projects and published reports such as: “The Quad Plus: Towards a Shared Strategic Vision for the Indo-Pacific” (2015), “Rethinking Japan’s Foreign Aid: Widening the Scope of Assistance from a Security Perspective” (2014), “Maritime Security and the Right of Self-Defense in Peacetime” (2013). He earned his MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


    Event Cost: Free of charge

    Location: Fussa Citizen's hall, Fussa, Room 1F

    2455 Fussa, Tokyo 197-0011

    〒197-0011 東京都福生市福生2455


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    Moderator: Jeff Mazziotta

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