• Sasebo Religious Heritage Tour

    YCAPS Field Trip -- 0830 (JST) 7 May 2022

    A beach in Kamakura shortly before sunset.

    US Navy Chaplain Robert Hecox will lead YCAPS members on a tour through hidden Christian cultural and religious sites in Hirado. Much of the tour will be focused on the historic struggle of Christians in the region, but we will also stop at Shinto and Buddhist locations.


    The itinerary for the day is as follows:

    • 08:30 - Depart from Nimitz Park (meet in front of USO building)
    • 09:30 - Visit St Francis Xavier Memorial Church
    • 09:50 - Visit Temple and Church Viewpoint
    • 10:10 - Transit
    • 10:40 - Visit Hirado Christian Museum
    • 11:10 - Transit. Brief stop at convenience store
    • 11:35 - Lunch and visit Shimano Yakata Museum 
    • 13:10 - Transit
    • 13:25 - Visit Ikitsuki Kannon-do Temple
    • 13:45 - Visit Gaspar-sama (martyr site) 
    • 14:15 - Transit
    • 14:30 - Visit Kakure Kirishitan Church and Martyr Site
    • 15:00 - Departure
    • 16:30 - Arrive at Nimitz Park
    *The above details are subject to change depending on weather conditions, etc.
    *Important: If you leave the tour before the end, be sure to inform the guide or a staff member.
    Participants should be prepared for approximately 4 hours of walking. Break opportunities may be limited to transit, convenience store stop, and lunch. Please bring your own lunch and snacks or be prepared to buy them at the convenience store just before lunch. The group size will be limited so please RSVP early.
    RSVP required: Please confirm your spot via info@ycaps.org. There is a lunch planned.

    Format: In-person walking tour

    Registration: Please confirm your spot via info@ycaps.org

    Please note that there is a limit to how many people can attend. Once the limit has been reached, no further entries will be accepted.

    Cost: Trip fees (transportation and entry tickets) will be covered by YCAPS. Please bring your own lunch.
    Host: US Navy Chaplain Robert Hecox

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