• The History of Overseas Shinto Shrines

    Getting to Know Japan Webinar (via Zoom) -- 1900 (JST) 1 December 2022

    Dr. Karli Shimizu, an expert on the cultural influence and impact of Shinto in foreign countries, will provide an introductory-level overview of her research about the history of Shinto shrines located outside of Japan. Dr. Shimizu will discuss her new book Overseas Shinto Shrines: Religion, Secularity and the Japanese Empire which details the origins of shrines in different countries including Brazil, South Korea, and the United States and how these different countries fused their own cultural traditions with those of Shinto.


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    This event is a part of YCAPS' "Getting to Know Japan Series" co-sponsored by The United States-Japan Foundation (USJF).


    Dr. Karli Shimizu is an Affiliated Researcher at the Research Faculty of Media and Communication of Hokkaido University. She is an expert on modern Shinto, and how it intersects with (post)colonial and international borders. Dr. Shimizu is the author of Overseas Shinto Shrines: Religion, Secularity and the Japanese Empire, a book which explores how shrines located outside of mainland Japan have interacted with contemporary conceptions of the secular, religion, and a multi-ethnic empire. She is also the collaborating editor on the volume Japan: Fictions and Reality with Aleksandra Jarosz and Aleksandra Jaworowicz-Zimny published by Nicolaus Copernicus University. Outside of her research, Dr. Shimizu teaches Enshu-style tea ceremony at her house in Hokkaido.


    Format: This event will be off-the-record. Questions are encouraged. It will not be recorded.

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    Co-sponsors: United States-Japan Foundation

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