• Water and Climate Crisis: The Mekong's Maritime Crisis

    Indo-Pacific Maritime Hour (via Zoom) -- October 4th, 2030 (Tokyo) 1930 (Singapore) 0730 (DC)


    The Mekong River is arguably Southeast Asia's most important freshwater maritime feature. Unfortunately, the river and the communities that rely on it are facing a water and climate crisis. YCAPS will host a discussion with Brian Eyler, a Senior Fellow at the Stimson Center who directs the Southeast Asia Program and the Energy, Water, and Sustainability Program. His talk will focus particularly on freshwater and land-based issues related to food production and freshwater fisheries impacts throughout the basin. He will then be available to take your questions.


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    Brian Eyler is a Senior Fellow at the Stimson Center and directs the Southeast Asia Program and the Energy, Water, and Sustainability Program. He is an expert on transboundary issues in the Mekong region and specializes in China’s economic cooperation with Southeast Asia. He spent more than 15 years living and working in China and over the last two decades has conducted extensive research with stakeholders in the Mekong region. He is widely recognized as a leading voice on environmental, energy, and water security issues in the Mekong. Brian is co-lead on the Mekong Dam Monitor project and serves as chair of the Stimson Center’s War Legacy Working Group. His first book, Last Days of the Mighty Mekong, was published by Zed Books in 2019. Before coming to the Stimson Center, he served as the Director of the IES Kunming Center at Yunnan University and as a consultant to the UNDP Lancang-Mekong Economic Cooperation program in Kunming, Yunnan province. He holds a MA from the University of California, San Diego and a BA from Bucknell University.



    Format: This event will be off-the-record.
    Moderator: John Bradford
    Webinar Cost: Free of charge

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