• Hidden Gems of Kamakura Walking Tour

    YCAPS Field Trip -- 1300 (JST) 10 April 2022

    A beach in Kamakura shortly before sunset.

    In collaboration with YCAPS, Yutaka Ito will lead YCAPS members on a scenic walking tour of the Kamakura area, with stops at temples, shrines, and historical sites. The tour will begin at 13:00 and participants are encouraged to eat an early lunch beforehand. The tour will end at Kamakura Station around 17:00–18:00.


    The itinerary for the day is as follows:

    • 13:00 – Meet at The police box “koban” near Kamakura Station (East Exit)
    • Visit Myohonji Temple (one of the hidden gems)
    • Visit Ankokuronji Temple - lecture on Buddhism from the English-speaking priest

    *The History of Ankokuronji Temple

    *Buddhist Symbolism

    *Similarities and Differences between Buddhism and Christianity


    Enjoy views of Mount Fuji (weather permitting)

    • Visit Komyoji Temple
    • Visit Wakaejima, the historic cargo port for Kamakura
    • Visit Zushi Marina
    • Bus back to Kamakura Station
    • 17:00–18:00 End at Kamakura Station (East Exit)

    Format: In-person walking tour

    Registration: Please confirm your spot via info@ycaps.org

    Please note that there is a limit to how many people can attend. Once the limit has been reached, no further entries will be accepted. Additionally, the registration deadline is March 27th.

    Cost: JPY200 for the bus fare
    Host: Yutaka Ito

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