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    Jeffery Mazziotta

    Director, Getting to Know Japan Program


    As a veteran of the US Army and an experienced NGO Director, Jeff has developed and implemented a wide range of programs from the ground up, including those directly working alongside the US military in both the instructor and manager role, as well as nonprofit programs working remotely within local communities in Angola, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. He has developed successful programs bringing needed medical training to wildlife rangers, landmine familiarization and clearance training to the US Army, and managed major humanitarian aid projects. He has a wide breadth of experience and a proven dedication to fostering grassroots connections to help communities overcome their specific challenges. In addition to his experience, he brings a genuine appreciation for the US-Japan relationship and has worked as an advisor for the Musashino Furusato History Museum USAS Aircraft through Translation of US National Archive Materials Exhibit as well as worked as an editorial consultant on English translations of works by Japanese authors to help drive cross-cultural communication.