• This Way Out: Trans-global Flows of Japanese Popular Culture

    Getting to Know Japan Webinar (via Zoom) -- 1900 (JST) 12 May 2022

    In this introductory session, Dr. Kyle Cleveland from Temple University Japan will join us to take a look at the influence of Japanese popular culture around the world. More specifically, Dr. Cleveland will examine the trans-global flows of Japanese popular culture and how the export of popular culture has been a strong component of Japan's soft power.


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    This event is a part of YCAPS' "Getting to Know Japan Series" co-sponsored by The United States-Japan Foundation (USJF).


    Kyle Cleveland is Associate Professor of Sociology at Temple University’s Japan Campus (TUJ), where he is Faculty Director of Study Abroad and Honors Programming. Professor Cleveland's research interests focus on disaster studies, Japanese popular culture and ethnic identity in relation to globalization and social change in contemporary Japan. As the founding Director of TUJ's Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, he has supervised special programmes in Japanese popular culture and visual media studies, organized a lecture series, and produced events and symposia related to contemporary political issues. Since 2011 his work has focused on the Tohoku Disasters in 2011, and has done intensive ethnographic fieldwork analyzing radiation assessment in the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis. He is co-editor of "Legacies of Fukushima: 3-11 in Context," (with Scott Knowles and Ryuma Shineha), published in 2021 by University of Pennsylvania Press.


    Format: This event will be off-the-record. Questions are encouraged. It will not be recorded.

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    Moderator: Jeff Mazziotta

    Webinar Cost: Free of charge

    Co-sponsors: United States-Japan Foundation

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