• Introduction to Chanoyu: The Tradition of Japanese Tea Ceremony

    Getting to Know Japan Webinar (via Zoom) -- 1000 (JST) 17 May 2022

    In this introductory session, Mr. Bruce Hamana will introduce Chanoyu - The Japanese way of tea ceremony. Within this introduction, Mr. Hamana will give us a glimpse into the wide range of elements that make up the study of Chanoyu including the importance of architecture, gardening, kaiseki cuisine, ceramics and other crafts, sweets making, Zen and many other topics related to the chaji or “formal tea gathering”.


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    This event is a part of YCAPS' "Getting to Know Japan Series" co-sponsored by The United States-Japan Foundation (USJF).


    Mr. Bruce Seiichi Hamana is a Professor of Chanoyu(The way of Japanese Tea Ceremony) with the Urasenke Tankokai Federation with over 40 years of experience with Chanoyu. Mr. Hamana is an expert in the study and practice of Chanoyu, having worked on events for numerous dignitaries and celebrities including The Secretary General of the United Nations and members of both the Thai and British Royal families. As the head of the Midorikai program, Mr. Hamana has led lectures on the basics of Chanoyu and taught jitsugi tearoom practice regularly for the last 20 years and has trained over 1,500 Japanese Chanoyu practitioners in how to teach Chanoyu in English. Mr. Hamana was born in Honolulu, HI and resides in Kyoto, Japan.


    Format: This event will be off-the-record. Questions are encouraged. It will not be recorded.

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    Moderator: Jeff Mazziotta

    Webinar Cost: Free of charge

    Co-sponsors: United States-Japan Foundation

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