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Young Yokosuka Program leads Cubing Event with USO

Three high-schoolers from Yokosuka and one middle-schooler all the way from Atsugi came to Yokosuka’s USO for a friendly cubing competition and open house. The young people demonstrated more than 30 different styles of cubes and speed-solved the classic 3x3. The top two competitors solved the cube in less than 30 seconds! USO provided pizza and drinks for all attendees. The teens are planning a World Cubing Association competition in January and are looking for competitors who can speed solve in various tiers: less than 2 min, less than 1 min, and less than 30 seconds. Please email if you are interested in hearing more! Please help spread the word – speedsolvers are rare creatures, and for many, solving is a personal endeavor not thrust into the spotlight except when compelled by friends. Help us find them!

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