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YCAPS' Yuichi Michael Takigawa: "Why Israeli mobilization was delayed in the fourth Middle East War."

Yuichi Michael Takigawa, Associate Professor of Defense Academy, delivered a lecture, "Why Israeli mobilization was delayed in the fourth Middle East War". The lecture delivered on 9 Dec at the annual forum of Information History Research Group held at Kyoto Campus Plaza

Despite receiving reports indicating the Egyptian army was preparing for war, the Israeli army saw the mobilization of Egypt as an exercise because of Egyptian excellent in psychological warfare. This concept differs with standard understanding that Israel misread the signs due to is "chivalrous" nature. One year prior to the war, Egypt had developed this psychological warfare capability, and five months before the war had used fake information to lead Israel to mobilize at great costs.

Professor Takigawa applied strategic thinking involving the OODA loop concept to historical research to clearly demonstrate why it is easy to understand poor decisions can be made.

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