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YCAPS' Yuichi Michael Takigawa made a Technical Report at Kyushu University Ohashii Campus

YCAPS Yokosuka City Relations, Yuichi Michael Takigawa, Associate Professor National Defense Academy Japan made a Technical Report at Kyushu University Ohashii Campus on November 3rd 2018 in Social Implications of Technology and Information Ethics, IEICE The Institute of Electronics,Information and Communication. The report was titled "Explanation of ORIENT in OODA Loop by object oriented way".


He described the flow of information inside and outside "Orient" in the OODA loop in order to visualize information processing process. The aim is to support battle of government and private enterprises in cyberspace expressed as "the fifth battleground". The OODA loop has
been interpreted as "OODA cycle" rather than "loop" in many books, and there are very few literature describing details of Orientation. He visualized this relationship by processing the components of this Orientation as objects (data (attributes) and functions (procedures))


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