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YCAPS Welcomes Gabriela Wurst

YCAPS is excited to welcome Gabriela Wurst to the Community Conversations and Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogue teams as the new Program Officer. Gaby has been regularly volunteering with YCAPS since May, and we are thrilled to have her join YCAPS staff.

Originally from Peru, Gabriela currently resides in Sendai, where she recently finished her Master’s in International Cultural Studies at Tohoku University. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Communication and Journalism from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima, Peru.

Since she began volunteering with YCAPS this summer, Gaby has brought her rich expertise and enthusiasm to the team. She has supported speaker recruitment, reporting, data analysis, and many other behind-the-scenes tasks that help YCAPS run smoothly. As a staff member, she will continue many of these tasks for Community Conversations and Indo-Pacific Policy Dialogues, as well as collaborate with Amani Kidd, director of the Getting to Know Japan, on volunteer engagement.

The upcoming seminar in Misawa with Dr. Michichita on September 11 will be Gaby’s first in-person seminar with YCAPS. Please greet her warmly if you see her there.

Gaby will replace Jenna Lindeke Heavenrich, who is stepping down to pursue a Council on Foreign Relations - Hitachi fellowship at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.