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YCAPS Supports Reconstruction in Mongolia



YCAPS’ Mongolia Connect Program partnered with the Erdem Tuv (a Mongolian orphanage and children’s home) in order to rebuild a crumbling storage facility. The Erdem Tuv is located in the 6th khoroo of Songinokhairkhan district in Ulaanbaatar and was established in 2006 to provide basic education and protection from violence towards children with handicaps. There are currently over 20 children at the home, with numbers of prospective students rising due to the  Covid-19 pandmeic. 

Recently, Erdem Tuv’s storage facility was in need of an overhaul and repair. The foundation was crumbling while the roof was rotting and collapsing inward. YCAPS provided the funds for the reconstruction of this facility, in hopes of finishing the project before winter sets in. If completed in time, the facility will allow the children’s home to accept more children.

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