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YCAPS Member Participates in Prestigious Young Strategists Forum

YCAPS was very pleased to have had the opportunity to nominate a participant in the 2017 Young Strategists Forum organized by The German Marshall Fund. After reviewing a large number of applications from our members, the YCAPS selection committee endorsed the application of Christina Wong, a member of the original committee that founded YCAPS and our current Treasurer.

According the the German Marshall Fund's website, "The Young Strategists Forum seeks to develop a new generation of strategic thinkers for an age of constrained resources and mounting international challenges. Since the inaugural Young Strategists Forum, held in Japan in March 2012, GMF has built a vibrant program centered on the theme of the U.S.-Japan alliance and security dynamics in the Asia-Pacific. The program involves a seminar on Asian geopolitics, a 36-hour simulation exercise, meetings with policy makers, diplomats, senior journalists and leading academics in Tokyo, and a study tour to a military facility."

The 2017 Young Strategist Forum was held in Tokyo, 27-31 Jan and they were able to visit our community where they toured JS Terukuzi.

YCAPS is particularly pleased to help facilitate this opportunity as supporting the professional development of our members is at the core of our mission.