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YCAPS Leads Production of New Research Collection on the Free & Open Indo-Pacific

The Yokosuka Council on Asia Pacific Studies (YCAPS) provided the editorial team the produced a new collection of eight papers discussing challenges to implementing a shared vision of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific. The work was published by Pacific Forum and can be downloaded for free.

The papers were collect after YCAPS, the Pacific Forum and Tama University’s Center for Rule-making Strategies, with support from the US Embassy in Japan, organized a conference discussing maritime issues in the Indo-Pacific as they relate to the “Free and Open” concept. The event was hosted by the Center for Rule-making Strategies in Tokyo November 21-22, 2019. Approximately 35 senior officials, scholars, scientists, and security specialists attended in their personal capacity for an off-the-record discussion. The closed-door conference covered an array of maritime challenges including territorial conflicts, erosion of the rule of law, piracy and other criminal activities, unsustainable fishing practices, and environmental destruction. Synchronizing the efforts of uniquely qualified experts, this conference and its initiatives developed important messages for regional and global thinkers. The conference provided a platform for professionals to address a multitude of growing concerns while creating an environment encouraging creative problem framing and problem solving.