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YCAPS-JUMP Webinar with Yokosuka City Councilman Nagai Masato

On June 29th, YCAPS and JUMP organized their third online webinar. YCAPS hosted guest speaker Masato Nagai, a member of the Yokosuka City Council. Councilman Nagai is also a Shinto priest; a religious as well as political leader. Councilman Nagai discussed the role of Yokosuka as an international, multicultural city, and discussed how Yokosuka differed from other cities in the Kanto region. He also discussed the impact of the novel corona virus pandemic on the city of Yokosuka, both the populace and the business economy. Councilman Nagai explained the measures the city underwent to address the pandemic in the past, as well as preparations made to address any future outbreaks. Following this Councilman Nagai discussed the role that Shintoism played in his personal life, as well as the role the religion plays in the day-to-day life of the city. This online presentation was followed by a wide ranging question and answer session about the recurrence and future status of Yokosuka.