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YCAPS-JUMP Webinar: Strengthening Mongolia-Japan-US Relations

On October 1st, 2020, over 40 participants attended the YCAPS/JUMP-hosted panel of experts from Japan, Mongolia, and the US. Otgonbaatar Byambaa, a Mongolian diplomat stationed in Tokyo, Lt Col Higashiya Keiichi, the Japanese DATT in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and Lt Col Philip Luu, the American DAT in Ulaanbaatar, shared their thoughts and experiences on how the three countries could strengthen their relationships.


Otgonbaatar led the panel with a broad overview of political engagement venues, specifically addressing the tri-lateral discussions that began nearly a decade ago. After hearing from Otgonbaatar, Lt Col Luu addressed current initiatives and programs being implemented in Mongolia, through the assistance of USAID and DOD components. Following Lt Col Luu, Lt Col Higashiya discussed Japanese-Mongolian relations through peacekeeping operations and military training, specifically in medical skillsets and engineering. Following the panelists, participants asked a wide array of questions, ranging from how people and governments are responding to China’s educational policy in Inner Mongolia, to investment opportunities, to COVID-19 integration. The multitude and specificity of the questions indicated this topic was timely and deserving of attention again in the future.