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YCAPS joins with New Partners to Reach Expanded Audiences across Japan

On Nov. 18-22, 2019, YCAPS joined forces with several new partners to share the expertise of Indo-Pacific maritime and defense experts with hundreds of people.

The week started at DSEI-Japan a huge defense expo held at Makuhari Messe on Tokyo Bay. Here, experts addressed hundreds of interested individuals on a variety of security concerns. Defining the “Indo-Pacific,” recognizing the interconnectivity of the region and concentrating on the necessity to coordinate efforts were the primary themes throughout DSEI and the following seminars.

More than a dozen YCAPS members attend these presentations, building situational understanding for our local community. We were pleased to serve as an association supporter of DSEI-Japan assisting by finding speakers from the dais and promoting this opportunity to multiple communities in Japan. After introducing an increasingly complex situation, YCAPS strategic thinkers embarked on the next leg of their journey.

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Add paragraph text here.In partnership with the Japan-American Society of Sasebo, the Pacific Forum and the U.S. Embassy in Japan, the team organized seminar in Sasebo -- the first time YCAPS co-hosted an event in this western Japan city. Attendees from the U.S. military, Japan Self-Defense Force and Sasebo community asked insightful, challenging questions to Dr. Deo Onda, marine biologist from the Philippines; Dr. Sato Yoichiro, Dean of International Cooperation and Research at Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University; and Rear Adm. Bob Girrier (USN, ret.), president of Pacific Forum. Topics included the role of Sasebo in Japan’s maritime strategy, Japan’s role if a conflict involving Taiwan commenced and what individuals can do to support biological research in the South China Sea. In true Japanese hospitality form, JASS hosted the team after the presentation, solidifying the efforts and good-will for future events.

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Recognizing the need to share the discussion with youthful and energetic students, the team of experts next traveled to Fukuoka University, presenting to over 150 Japanese and international students. The students asked questions that demonstrated their genuine concern about climate change and desire to coordinate in bringing a change to the region. Partnering with Fukuoka University helped inform the youth, build the community’s situational awareness and ignite a desire to alter the current trajectory.

Once the conference concluded, specialists traveled to Yokosuka to close out the week at YCAPS. Here, Dr. Onda and Rear Adm. Girrier returned to the front of the room, joined by Meiji University’s Dr. Ito Go and Bruneian scholar, Dr. Asyuah Saleh. The venue was full of eager YCAPS community members offering insightful comments and asking sincere questions about the way forward for the international and local communities.

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Every event of the week left community members with a sense of responsibility and ideas for a way forward to reinforce the concept of a shared and open Indo-Pacific region. YCAPS is proud to have led these events with its new partners at DSEI, Fukuoka University, Pacific Forum, U.S. Embassy and Tama University with the assistance of its standing relationships with the Japan-U.S. Military Program (JUMP) and Temple University Japan.